Physical security

The company 360protect works in the market of security services of Ukraine.

Personnel of the company in the area of providing security services consists of specialists who have professional qualifications and experience in the security and power structures of Ukraine for at least three years.

                                                                                                             Security services:

  • Protection of objects of all forms of ownership;
  • Protection of mass events;
  • Technical services;
  • Legal Services;
  • Training and workshops, guards courses;

Our goal is to provide the best solution for each customer, providing reliable protection and confidence every day.

The confidentiality of information received from you is guaranteed, regardless of the term of cooperation.

                                                                                The Structure and Staff of the company:

  • Department of Physical Protection;
  • Human Resources Department;
  • Technical department;
  • Legal Department;
  • Administrative department;
  • Department of Information Technologies;
  • Transport department;

The management of the departments of the security has work experience of not less than five years in senior management positions in the security structures, valuable practical experience and legal education.

                                                                                             Quality control of security services

The objects of protection are monitored 24 hours a day by the ‘Monitoring service’ of the company ‘360protect’. Patrol crews, video, radio and telephone communications are used for this purpose. The company’s specialists are constantly working on the result in order to improve security services.

Professional staff work combined with advanced security technologies is the key to success of our company.