Fire alarm systems

360 Protect fire alarm presents a set of technical solutions detecting smoke, change of temperature and immediately transmitting an alarm to our monitoring center.

We offer comprehensive fire safety audit and take responsibility for all the fire safety issues including clearance with the emergency service bodies. Thus, to a great extent we take the burden off company management. In addition, our engineers deal with the entire fire safety documentation package, so the customers do not have to hire a special employee to get this task done.

The service package includes:

  • facilities expertise;
  • drafting a scope of work;
  • designing fire alarm, warning system and evacuation control system;
  • installation and servicing the fire alarm, warning system and evacuation control system;
  • maintenance of fire alarm system.
  • monitoring of all fire safety incidents on the facilities.

Affordable prices

We are one of the leading security providers in Lviv and can offer competitive prices. In addition, when ordering an intrusion protection system, our customers get a discount for fire alarm installation. Please refer to our managers for special prices for fire alarm installation. The exact cost will be defined based on the facility examination.

Our employees offer the initial consultation and a site visit for facility examination. Site visit and pricing are free of charge!

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