Security systems Lviv

Встановлення систем безпеки у Львові

360 Protect company is engaged in installing security systems in Lviv.
Work on the installation, commissioning and maintenance of equipment is carried out by experienced engineers. We install

  • video surveillance cameras
  • alarm system
  • access control
  • local area networks
  • intercoms.

We have specialists in laying and commissioning of cable systems and local area networks. We guarantee the quality and reliability of the work performed, efficiency and individual approach to each client. During the selection of equipment for installation, each client receives competent advice of specialists who know the advantages of each element of the security system.

Installation of security systems

To provide the highest level of service to customers, 360 Protect employees regularly improve their professional qualifications. The growth is provided by the regular study of new equipment and technologies that appear on the market of security systems. In addition, specialists systematically solve technically complex and extraordinary problems directly on objects. We offer you the design of integrated security systems, installation, maintenance and repair.

What is a security system?

Enforcing private property protection is possible in two ways. The first is the hiring of professionals specializing in the field of protection, with the physical strength and necessary skills. The second way is a set of measures limiting access to the territory and personal information through specialized equipment. Such security systems include surveillance systems, locking devices and signaling. In addition to installing, these systems need to be checked regularly to avoid their incorrect operation. We take care of the safety of our customers and conduct maintenance of the system of integrated security.
The need for protection arises not only from the owners of country houses. Warehouses, organizations, grocery and jewelry outlets also require the installation of an industrial safety system that allows you to store goods and documentation. For commercial objects, it is important to design security systems. The project is the basis of enterprise security.

Appointment of security system

The growing need for security equipment is due to the need to control access to the protected area and to be protected against a number of potential threats:

  • Attempts to steal commercial secrets or property of an organization;
  • Action of vandals;
  • Undermining the reputation of the organization;
  • Raider;
  • The emergence of hazardous property and life situations – accidents, fires;
  • Moral and material damage.

It is important to understand that only 100% of the intruder will help integrate security systems. The presence of only an alarm or video surveillance reduces the level of security of premises. The first task is to provide access control. For that it is important to determine the optimal equipment that fully meets the needs.
The best solution is to combine 3 types of devices:

  • Mechanisms of the fence – blockers, turnstiles, barriers;
  • Pass-by devices identifying faces and car numbers;
  • Controls that protect the perimeter from burglary and unauthorized penetration.

Benefits of an integrated approach

Automatic elements are interconnected and feature multifunctional. This opportunity is most important for large cities such as Lviv, where protection requires not only private property, but also large industrial complexes. The automated system wins in comparison with the work of guards through the human factor. People can get tired, distract, and at this moment the area remains unprotected.
360 Protect offers installation of integrated turnkey security systems. The system of integrated security will ensure the preservation of not only property but also life and health. Also, the equipment significantly saves investment, depriving you of the need to pay monthly salaries to security guards. We also offer design, maintenance and repair of security systems. For ordering, contact us by phone or leave a request.