Alarm GSM systems

GSM безпровідна сигналізація

Security GSM alarm systems for the home – is the achievement of a century of new technologies. Just imagine that not long ago our houses guarded only castles and dogs. Now they are replaced by devices that let the owner know about the invasion, even if it is far away: in another area, region or city.
Such a system sends messages about unauthorized access to the territory protected by the sending of a GSM signal using wireless technology.
Wireless GSM alarm system for the house consists of:

  • Sensors;
  • Control panel;
  • GSM module;
  • Additional equipment.

Pay attention! GSM alarm system for the home is not only a notification system that will notify you of violations of the boundaries of a private territory, an emergency situation in the form of burning, smoke, leakage or power outage. Alarm for giving with control via a mobile application can manage the house remotely: include heating, lighting, watering, video surveillance.

The principle of wireless GSM signaling

In your private home there are special sensors that react to motion, temperature, sound, glass breakdown or other signs of anxiety.
When the sensor is triggered, a message comes to you on your phone or on the guard that something bad happens in your home. This notification system allows you to promptly announce about the fact of penetration into the territory and prevent negative consequences as much as possible.
Possible integration with other household appliances at home and activation of additional system functions. Yes, you can enhance functionality by connecting a microphone or video camera to listen and watch over a private area in the absence of its owner. And also buy an additional siren and spotlights that work in case of anxiety.

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