Physical security in Lviv

Приватна фізична охорона

The organization of physical security in Lviv and Lviv region is one of the priority areas of activity of the private security company 360 Protect. We offer an expanded range of services in this area, and our specialists demonstrate a high professional level of all types of physical protection.
Existing experience in the field of security allows to provide the most diverse types of physical protection. We apply an individual approach to the service of each customer, and this allows the employees to select the best methods using the most effective technical means. With a fully affordable physical security value for Lviv, we are able to maximally meet the needs of both private clients and legal entities. Therefore, by contacting our company, you can order physical protection of any kind demanded in modern society. At the same time, the provision of services is carried out at the appropriate level and by a legal basis by professionally trained specialists according to the price list of our private security company.

Provision of physical protection services of various types of objects

Physical protection of objects can be performed both as a separate service and as a part of the complex of services for the security of commercial and private buildings (buildings, apartments, security warehouses, enterprises, office buildings, shopping and entertainment centers and other objects ) Within the framework of this service patrolling of the territory, maintenance of checkpoints, maintenance of separate persons on the territory of the object and the post service in selected areas are possible. In addition, here comes the engineering equipment of security posts, including stationary and mobile console systems. In this case, such a kind of physical protection from 360 Protect may include the services of armed personnel, if the situation so requires. For tariff plans with the use of weapons, an additional cost calculation is carried out, which will help us to calculate our specialist.

Services in physical guarding of cargo handling

The next popular direction of our activity in the field of physical protection is the support of goods for clients from Lviv. As in previous cases, our employees use the most effective methods of service here. At their disposal are specially equipped cars, technical equipment and weapons. To provide this type of safety physician, we involve professional drivers whose skillful actions will ensure the maximum safety of transported cargoes. At the same time, each of them is a physically trained specialist, ready to deliver cargo in a round-the-clock mode with high quality and reliably.

Protection of mass events and its features

An important place among our physical security services is securing order during various events of mass character. To this end, we organize special groups of performers who carry out such protection under a pre-designed project on the basis of an agreement, a sample of which you can ask from our managers. Our specialists will do their best to ensure that your order for the implementation of this type of physical protection is done in the best way.

Qualified security services: private security on any occasion

Private physical protection is considered one of the most sought after types of this service direction from 360 Protect Company. Here we offer the help of qualified security guards, ready to take any measures to protect your life and health, as well as material values. At the same time, most of them have experience in the service of hot spots, which allows you to quickly make the right decisions in non-standard situations and protect the most valuable objects. 360 Protect guarantees maximum security for you, your relatives, your property and business when choosing our personal security service.
360 Protect for more than 5 years is engaged in security activities in Lviv. We offer favorable prices for physical protection of different types, providing each client with detailed calculations of the cost of services using a separate price calculator to pay per hour and for the total period. You can specify details by contacting our managers.

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