Console security system

Пультова охорона

Panel protection serves the safety of stationary objects such as shops, offices, cafes, cottages and others. With the use of modern security systems. Based on the specifics of the object of protection and tasks, our experts develop an individual solution, optimal in terms of efficiency and minimize customer costs. Typically, the kit includes a door opening sensor, motion sensor, keypad and control panel required for system operation. What matters is – alarms from all equipment arrive at the monitoring station.
The reliability of the panel protection of the facility is ensured by the use of professional equipment, both in the alarm system and in the monitoring center, as well as the presence of a rapid response team consisting of staff who have undergone special training and have the necessary experience.

Panel protection from 360 Protect

Value peace and security? Contact us and you will definitely solve the problems with the protection of your property! Long-term experience allows to serve customers at a high level, taking care of their property. Working with 360 Protect is an absolute guarantee of keeping your property and a sense of security!
Lack of risk of loss and damage to property – these are the main reasons for the appeal of many of our clients. By investing in installation in your apartment, country house of the security system and relying on the experience of a professional company, you can always be sure of the security of your home, property!

Calm and confidence in the future – 360 ​​Protect panel protection works for you and your family!

A full range of services for the protection of private homes and real estate in multistory buildings is provided by installing specialized security equipment. Reliable security of facilities is provided by the implementation of internal and external security systems connected to the 24-hour operating panel of the rapid response group.
Each security alarm system or system has a mandatory set of advanced features and a list of additional features that provide the ability to work in different modes depending on the purpose, conditions and features of the use of a specific burglar alarm. If necessary, several different types of alarms and sensors of different types of operation are used.

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