Access control systems

система контролю доступом

An access control system (ACS), which sometimes is called an access and management control system (ACMS) actually is simply a smart lock on your door.

Of course, the term “lock” may cover a lot of devices that block the passage to premises (a building, an area, etc.). All these devices access control systems are designated by the term “actuators”. An actuator can be actually a lock (electromechanical or electromagnetic), an electromechanical latch, a turnstile, a barrier and so on. Actually, any ACS is designed to automatically let in those, who are authorized and vice versa. At any time, ACS allows to ensure control over the situation, order, safety of the staff and visitors and the safekeeping of valuables and information. All differences between the existing systems consist in how much reliably, qualitatively and user-friendly the functions of the access control systems are implemented.

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