Solutions for business

Our company offers unique solutions in the field of security involving intellectual, smart technologies that solve the tasks entrusted to optimize, improvement of many important processes that directly affect: safety and productivity, control of trade, the sale of goods and services thus , affecting the profit and reputation of your company (enterprise) positively.

A list of possible services is quite large – that is why the solution are usually chosen for each individual (it depends directly on the type of your business, the nature and characteristics of business processes and of course requirements):

  • face recognition – vehicle plates (admission to an object according to these criteria)
  • counting visitors, cars, manufactured products
  • monitoring of leftovers (items), vehicles
  • crossing the forbidden area (plots, fences, zones)
  • camera protection (detection of attempts to spoil, move or paint the camera)
  • object disappearance detector, long-term detector of the object in the zone, detector of the object’s appearance in the zone, etc.
  • 3D – an interactive map of the location of cameras on the object
  • and above all, the integration of all systems (signaling, physical acess control system (PACS), perimeter security, video surveillance) into one global system.