Security alarm systems

охоронна сигналізація

Security alarm systems are complexes of electronic-technical solutions of devices that are designed to protect people and valuables.

The main task of the installation alarm system from company’s 360 Protect Lviv is to control the object under security and timely notify by sending alarm signals about the threat of an unauthorized access. With technical devices of the security alarm system, an alarm signal is instantly sent to the security service or the owner of the object, which thus provides for a timely response and elimination or reduction of possible damage in the area.
Burglar alarms are divided into an autonomous alarm system, an alarm system with an auto dialer and an alarm system connected to the console. It all depends on where to and how the alarm signal is sent.

To feel the safety and tranquility, make your own home an impregnable fortress during a long departure, installation of alarm system in the house. This way of housing protection is a reliable assistant in matters of protection of own property from the penetration.

Features of installation of alarm system

Installation of alarm in the home or office – a serious and responsible work, there are no common common rules and parameters for installation, the installation of any security kit depends primarily on the planning of housing and the type of selected protective system. In addition, when installing an alarm in any room, one should proceed from the following criteria:

  • convenient location of the alarm button, so that if necessary, to cause protection as soon as possible;
  • instant activation of the sound signal penetration;
  • presence and operational activation of sensors.

Installation of signaling – a process laborious and responsible, it is strongly recommended not to install the alarm independently, because only a professional can install all the sensors and components in accordance with all the necessary requirements and principles of electromechanics. In our time, security systems are engaged in a large number of firms that are ready to provide services specialists in the field. The consultants of our company will tell you everything that interests you and will help you choose a quality alarm kit for your home or office.

Installation of alarm in an apartment or a private home

The most important requirement of alarm installation in the house is the installation of all component devices based on the requirements of the manufacturers of alarm systems. Each device must be located strictly for its place, which is set depending on its functions and the impact on it of the conditions and factors. Sensors and other devices should be installed in places designated for them by the project, and it is not possible to cope with such work by a nonprofessional. If the security system in the apartment will operate on the basis of the wiring system, it is important to observe safety rules and to guide the wires so that they are not damaged due to household reasons (moisture, mechanical damage to the cable, etc.). And, in addition, the wires of the security system should not interfere with everyday ones.

Installation of alarm in the office

Depending on the size of the office space, the degree of risk of unauthorized intrusion, customer financial capabilities and many other nuances, which also depends on the price of security alarm for the office, you can choose any of the following types:

  • Sound alarm with notification on the scale of the object and adjoining territory. The purpose of this kind is to attract the attention of persons who are in the office and in close proximity to him. This type can be effective in situations where there is no expensive material in the premises if a large number of people are present at a regular time or in a zone of hearing there is a separation of law enforcement agencies.
  • Security alarm with an auto-dialing, which provides a call or send SMS messages to specified numbers in the event of a hazard. Such a format is much more often used for the protection of offices, where one or more responsible officers are specifically appointed, ready to promptly transmit the received signal to law enforcement agencies or private security services. However, this kind of signaling for the office, the price of which belongs to the category of moderate prices, is suitable mainly for single rooms of a small volume with a lack of increased risk of unauthorized intrusion.
  • Remote control the office alarm is the most reliable and effective way to protect the premises from intruders. Here an alarm comes directly to the location of the rapid response team, and the staff will arrive in place in a matter of minutes. Naturally in this case, the cost of signaling for the office is an order of magnitude higher than in the previous versions. However, in the middle and large businesses, where this method is mainly used, this difference will be practically invisible.

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