Intelligent smarthome systems


The German company MOBOTIX AG is known not only as a major technological centre in the field of network cameras. MOBOTIX’s decentralization concept has made high-definition video recording systems economically profitable.

German IP- video surveillance cameras MOBOTIX with a 6-megapixel sensor and high-quality color transfer.

Certified by IP-65/66 protection class and ability to operate in all weather conditions without fogging lenses; operating temperature range is from -30 to +60 С

The camera is charged through the PoE (Power over Ethernet) network cable, recording is performed even during network crashes.

The patented MOBOTIX MxPEG compression format allows you to play video stream with real-time audio during low network playback.

Thanks to a decentralized architecture of data storage, signaling and recording are controlled directly by the camera itself.


MOBOTIX AG offers 3 types of camera software:

  • MxEasy – Software for small systems (up to 16 cameras). Easy installation, easy intuitive control, available for all platforms.
  • MxControlCenter – professional software for managing MOBOTIX systems. Many built-in functions, flexible setup, there is no limit to the number of cameras.
  • MOBOTIX App – Software for the iOS platform.

All MOBOTIX software is absolutely free and available for downloading on the manufacturer’s website.

Functional modules

Additional MOBOTIX modules expand the scope of IP cameras significantly.

  • ExtIO – module allows you to use external buttons with a camera, microphone, infrared sensor;
  • CamIO – module for additional inputs / outputs, including power outputs;
  • Mx2Wire – serves to transmit Ethernet signals over long distances (up to 500m) when using only one pair of wires;
  • MX-Overvoltage-Protection-Box-LSA / RJ45 – overvoltage protection module, IP66;
  • MX-NPA-Box – weatherproof RoE-injector;
  • MX-GPS-Box – GPS module for MOBOTIX cameras;
  • MX-232-IO-Box – interface RS-232, as well as signal input module.

Thermal Imaging Sensor

The thermosensor allows recognizing the thermal radiation of an object or body invisible to the human eye due to the distribution and reflection of the temperature intensity.

  • Temperature range of measurements is from -40 to +550 ° C / -40 to +1022 ° F;
  • The thermosensor can detect in full darkness and / or through smoke, smog;
  • Combined with MxActivitySensor provides extremely reliable video analysis results; obstacles are blocked, for example, bushes, grass, water, clouds, waves, etc.;
  • No glare from strong light sources (for example, lights, torches);
  • Detection of objects with a higher temperature than the body temperature or technical devices, detection of device overheating, etc .;
  • Low power consumption – max. 5.5 W;

The image from the thermosensor is displayed by means of the camera software in the web browser.

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