Turnkey electrical work

електромонтажні роботи

Electrical work – one of the most important stages in construction and repair work. To be sure of safety and not to recycle everything in case of problems, it is important to entrust the work on electricity to professionals.

360 Protect company qualitatively performs turnkey electrical work in Lviv: the departure of a specialist to prepare the contract, comprehensive work from design to commissioning, guarantee of safety and quality! We work with legal entities, as well as with individuals.

Turnkey electrical work includes:

  • Power supply system design;
  • Complex of electrical works;
  • Commissioning of connected equipment;
  • Registration of documentation on the object.
  • What work do we do?
  • planning and laying of cables and wiring, hidden or open, at the request of the customer;
  • supply of electricity to the object;
  • dismantling of old electrical communications;
  • installation and connection of electricity meters, automatic protection systems, switches and sockets, regulation of their operation, transfer from one place to another, as well as their complete removal;
  • installation and connection of lighting;
  • professional connection of electrical installations, equipment and devices;
  • installation and arrangement of one or more boards;
  • installation of lightning rods and installation of a grounding circuit,
  • installation of low-current networks (television, telephone, Internet cables)
  • other electrical work.

Do you want to order turnkey electrical work to be done efficiently, quickly and reliably?

Our company performs its work in accordance with all requirements and standards, which guarantees the high quality of work performed and the safety of each project. We undertake projects of any complexity and execute them on time.

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