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CCTV of 360 Protect Lviv. Installation of video surveillance systems

We offer a full range of services in the field of integrated security systems, installation of CCTV systems, access management and control, security and fire alarm systems. The company is assets include dozens of successful projects in Lviv and in the region: from small stores and offices to business centers, manufacturing enterprises.

Video surveillance as a Crime Prevention Method

The effectiveness of surveillance has been proven globally and is one of the best security tools that can reduce the number of crimes at a time. It is not only a means of disclosing a crime. The very presence of video surveillance systems, in particular in Lviv, allows you to prevent unlawful actions.

CCTV History

With the advent of television technology, the use of video cameras for security purposes has become apparent. Already since the 60 years in the US, CCTV systems began to be used effectively by the police, quickly spreading to protect the military and industrial areas, and then private homes. At that time, the video was recorded on a magnetic tape, which made this process quite expensive. However, with the development of microprocessors to replace the magnetic tapes came cheaper technology, which made the security system much more affordable and reliable. Over the past 10 years, modern video surveillance systems have undergone significant changes, ensuring robust and ongoing control at an even higher level.

CCTV systems include:

  • CCTV cameras is the most important element of image perception;
  • monitors to display video signals in real time (online) or view the record archive.
  • registration devices , which are used without a PC - video recorders.
  • control devices for transmitting to the command system: setting the camera, changing the parameters of the DVR, turning the camera, etc.
  • software , which will allow you to flexibly configure the system in accordance with the user is requirements and will give you the opportunity to get videos online.

Types of video surveillance

  • Analogue Surveillance is the oldest and cheapest type that uses an analog signal to transmit data. Each camera is connected to a separate DVR channel using a cable. It is easy to install and connect, but its function is much inferior to modern systems. Serving more time consuming.
  • IP Surveillance - A system that works directly with digital technologies. The signal is transmitted digitally, which allows you to transmit the signal several times better than with analog video surveillance, and this type can work wirelessly over Wi-Fi.
  • HD CCTV - the most up-to-date High Definition TeleVision. This system replaced the analog video surveillance and at one time HD-video surveillance became widespread, but the ease of use and cheaper ip systems made HD CCTV less competitive.
  • AHD (4 in 1) - the latest CCTV technology, which combines the properties of IP-video surveillance, while the price is comparable to the cost of analogue surveillance. AHD cameras are capable of capturing and capturing an image in an HD-extension and transferring it to a conventional coaxial cable used by analog cameras.