Installation of wiring

монтаж електропроводки

Installation of electrical wiring is carried out in new buildings or already inhabited apartments, when you need to replace the old wiring with a safer one. Wiring wiring includes laying cables and connecting sockets, lamps.

It is difficult to imagine any modern home or office without electricity, because power supply is necessary for all household appliances needed for a comfortable life. To ensure the correct load on the network, proper wiring and cable routing, it is always necessary to seek the services of specialists. Wiring installation is a process that requires special knowledge, tools and skills.

The wizards will perform a complete or partial replacement of the wiring to your order. Complete is usually needed in old premises that were built before 1990. Partial, in emergency situations or when changing the design of the grid.

Reasons for replacing wiring

Never wait for a power outage to start. Like any household item, wires cannot last forever. Replacement of wiring is required in the following cases:

  • heating cables;
  • some wiring areas have rotted or cracked;
  • frequent operation of automation in the shields.

Replacement should also be carried out in cases where it is planned to connect powerful electrical equipment or the load on the network does not involve the number of connected appliances.

How we work

  • Having received a project on electricity from the customer, we check that the existing wiring (in the new building) satisfies the new project.
  • We agree with the customer on the existing wiring (leave it, completely dismantle, partially dismantle).
  • Having this data, we provide an estimate of work and materials.
  • We define ways of laying of routes of wires, we coordinate them with the customer (installation can be carried out both on a ceiling, and on walls).
  • Agree with the customer the height of the sockets and switches (in the absence of the project)
  • We agree on the installation of a switchboard (whether it is necessary to install it in the apartment, the place of its installation).

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