Security in city

The concept of a modern city is based on providing comfortable living conditions for the population with the help of innovative technologies. The introduction of such technologies makes it possible to use all urban systems of life rationally and wisely. The basis of modern city systems is the ideal working security system.

Its main component is the correct system of city video surveillance. In essence, it is a complex of measures aimed at equipping video recording systems of streets, buildings, adjacent territories, industrial enterprises, transport stations and crowded places in order to prevent and minimize the occurrence of offenses and other kinds of crimes.

The video surveillance system is not only video recording and registrations of events, it has built-in intelligence to respond to multiple situations:

  • control of the accumulation of people, transport;
  • identification of persons, number plates for the further reconciliation with the database of suspected people or stolen cars;
  • control of the left items (suitcases, boxes, cars, etc.)

In essence, the Information and Analytical Package Safe City is the foundation for progress in all areas of human activity within an area, locality, metropolis or any other territory.

We are ready to share our experience in building a security system and presenting solutions in the expanded form.

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