IP and analog CCTV

ip камери відеоспостереження

Network IP cameras for video surveillance systems – this is the highest functional level in the field of security television. Devices transmit the data stream in digital format over an Ethernet network using an IP protocol. Network models conduct video, compress and transfer received data over the network.
Main advantages of IP cameras:

  • maximum resolution;
  • remote access to data;
  • self-encoding video content;
  • ease of storage and reproduction of information;
  • ease of search in the archive (especially with ActiveSearch);
  • support for multithreading, power over Ethernet (PoE) and memory cards, converting a network (IP) camera into an autonomous video surveillance system.

There is also a sub-group of network-based (IP) surveillance cameras with Motor-zoom, allowing you to remotely scale images and adjust the focus.
Knowledge of the advantages listed above will help you to buy an IP-cameras with the characteristics that meet the individual requirements of any client. But this is only part of the functionality of IP video. Network (IP) video cameras for video surveillance systems are constantly improving, which undoubtedly predicts them the most optimistic prospects on the market.

Where to buy analogue or IP camcorder?

According to the requirements of the customer, the specialists of the company 360-Protect will help to select the model necessary for the implementation of high-quality CCTV at the facility. You will be pleasantly surprised at the prices of IP and analog video surveillance cameras, software products, other equipment and accessories.
Doubt about the choice? Consult our specialists about the features of the video recording system you are offering.
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