Building local networks

Local network in the office

Local area network – a means of communication and the need for any modern office. At present, offices can not do without the establishment of a local network, because it is the main component for communication between staff.
The local network in the office is extremely important, since it is the exchange of data on which the competitiveness of the company depends. In addition, it allows you to print, send reports, and use the Internet.
Computer networks have become the basis of the life of all companies. Each local area network is created by different methods. The workstation connects to servers using wires or Wi-Fi, GPRS or Bluetooth. The laying of local-cable networks must be done very carefully. Contact us and 360 Protect specialists will install the local network in the shortest possible time and at the best price.

A local network will allow you to:

  • To establish fast delivery of documentation to various offices of the organization in electronic form;
  • to provide continuous communication in the development of single projects on remote objects of the enterprise;
  • take advantage of available local network capabilities for sharing the Internet, provide remote communication capabilities, including organizing conferences;
  • point pooling using different operating systems such as Microsoft, Apple or LINUX / UNIX for collaboration and data transfer;
  • Provide remote administration through the use of network services;
    Provide access from various points to the printing device over the network;
  • sharing of additional information repositories, including archives.

Installation of local networks in Lviv

If you order in our company to install a local network, we will review your IT infrastructure and make the calculation of the installation absolutely free!
Installation of a local area network is a process that requires knowledge and experience from the experts in this business.

Stages of installation of the local network in the office

  • Development of a technical task (TOR). The development of the task involves identifying the purpose and purpose of the network layout in a combination of customer requests throughout the system. When all the details are agreed, the task is assigned to the design.
  • Designing a local network. At this stage, the process of creating structural and functional schemes is underway and further development of documents – drawings and specifications.
  • Installation of equipment. All equipment is mounted according to the project and international standards.
  • Installation and configuration of the local network. Further customization is made by engineers, they will supply all the programs intended for the operation of the local network.
  • Testing This stage is very important for the whole system to work without any errors or problems, before it starts to work in full.
  • Layout of the local network in operation. When all installation work is done and everything is tested, our experts will prepare a complete set of documents, which will contain all circuits, a cable log, and a system test report. As a rule, many installation problems are due to the fact that the customer thinks that he will no longer expand the network, and then it turns out that this should be done again.

Reinstalling local computer networks is a very time-consuming process. Since the cables pull “skew”, it is very difficult to spill them again.

Prices for the installation of local area networks in Lviv

The cost of services depends on factors such as the number of jobs, overhead material and other. The price also includes the cost of Internet RJ-45 sockets, telephone sockets, WI-FI access points.
Call us or email us, and we will do everything for you. It is beneficial for us to work because we have been in this market for more than five years, and our experts can make a project of any degree of complexity.

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