Prices for electrical work

розцінки на електромонтажні роботи

Companies specializing in electrical work almost never publish the exact prices of repair or reconstruction of electrical networks. This is due to the fact that the price for electrical work takes into account the variety of operations, operates in different units.

360 Protect carries out turnkey electrical work on the site, so the price depends on the scope of work. For example, the cost of work

  • for a city apartment – from 5 thousand UAH
  • for a private house – from 10 thousand UAH

What is included in the real cost of work

To install the electrical network or replace obsolete wiring, electricians perform a number of operations:

  • dismantle the old wiring (for repairs and reconstructions);
  • gutter cable channels;
  • lay, fasten, insulate electrical communications;
  • earn strobes;
  • mount electrical fittings (switches, shields, sockets, lamps);
  • install protective devices.

In addition, as a rule, the basic prices for electrical installation of many companies do not include obtaining permits for work, design and wiring diagrams. It is easy to understand that laying communications on a concrete ceiling or in armored cable ducts is more complicated than wiring under drywall. It is easier to cut a niche under a mounting or desoldering box in porous limestone, than in strong reinforced concrete.

Individual design of electrical installation

Average (typical) prices for electrical work can be used only for simple apartment repairs or wiring in standard new buildings. Reconstruction of a spacious city apartment, office reconstruction, construction of a country house are complex engineering tasks that require individual design. A competent project, created at the request of the customer, can provide hundreds of mounting points, several stages of automatic protection.

As a result, the cost of electrical work can be calculated only after approval of the project, taking into account the length of electrical communications (measured in running meters), the number of installation points, wall materials, the complexity of installing automatic equipment.

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