Intelligent smarthome systems


SATEL alarm system applies the cutting-edge home security systems, both wireless and wired, universal and compact. You will definitely find the solution that best fits your apartment, house or commercial premises protection.
We can install SATEL alarm system at a low price.

Features and advantages of Satel alarm system

SATEL is equally efficient in protecting apartments, offices or commercial premises requiring constant guarding of certain room parts.
The main advantages of the system:

  • Wireless control. The alarm system turns on using a wireless controller, so there is no need to physically approach the control panel.
  • Compatible with other systems and devices standards. Support of EN50131 security standard, which offers quick and convenient connection of a range of additional devices.
  • Secure ciphered radio channel communication. Burglars cannot block the wireless signal of the device with any special appliances.
  • Immediate detection of signal blocking attempts. If anyone tries to block the signal with any appliances, the user will get an instant notification (and alarm will be triggered).
  • Dedicated communication frequency. 886 MHz is the device’s own channel where the signal cannot be interrupted by other wireless systems in the house and will be protected from blocking by other devices.
  • Own diagnostics system. Users can use system tools to independently check the system performance from time to time.
  • Energy saving mode. Alarm can work with the integrated battery up to three years without replacing (exact service life depends on the settings and mode).
  • Positive users feedback. Practice shows that users appreciate the functions of the security system and its simple installation.

You can order this and other SATEL products at an affordable price. Just contact our manager.

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