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Dahua is a leading security system equipment manufacturer. The products are available on the markets of the USA, Europe and Ukraine. The company became a local leader with its high-quality devices.

  • Video surveillance cameras. IP, HD-SDI and analogous cameras have great technical features and boast a high-quality signal transmission. The most popular solutions are analogous video surveillance cameras. Customers appreciate their affordable price, high resolution and high level of protection from viruses.
  • Dashboard cameras. HD-CVI models are available for HD video quality. HD-SDI sends the records without delays and bugs. You can set the options and the main menu.
  • Home intercom systems. The presented models possess a high voice transmission clarity, universal outlook and long service life.
  • Access control systems. Created to spare time and effort for improving and simplifying work arrangements on enterprises,. Locks, latches, readers and controllers are available.
  • Alarms. A range of advantages, among them, wireless security sensors. There is no need to draft the design documentation, installation is simple, and there is no service fee.


Installing Dahua cameras

Dahua video surveillance is a great solution both for a private residence and other facilities. A wide range of devices for affordable prices is available. Dahua lineup offers multiformat cameras, CVI videocameras, and IP cameras. Various lenses are available making easier to select a device for a specific spot on the land plot or in the house.

Dahua video surveillance system supports internet connection with display of real-time footage or archive recordings. However, the system can efficiently protect itself from unauthorized access.

Dashboard cameras offer numerous settings. For instance, they can record movements or switch on against an established schedule. This function will spare disc space.

Cameras and dashboard cameras of this manufacturer have proven to be reliable. They are resistant to frost and heat, possess excellent water-proof and dust-proof features.

For convenience, a dashboard camera can be connected to a home TV or broadcast on a separate monitor. Thus, the broadcast is continuous, and house owners may carry out their daily indoor routine at the same time monitoring their children in the backyard.

360 Protect installs Dahua video surveillance devices in a private residence in 1–2 days. Depending on the size of the facility, works may take up to a week.

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