Ajax alarm systems in Lviv

One of the important points in ensuring the security of private homes is the alarm system for the house. Often, its presence is enough to protect the cottage or house from intruders. Today, a smart decision is to buy an Ajax burglar alarm. You can buy Ajax in Lviv and order installation from us. Modern security systems allow you to monitor its operation remotely. It is important when choosing them to take into account the operating conditions and what functions it should perform.

Given that any installed security system can be de-energized by an elementary power outage, it must include an uninterruptible power supply.

The best Ajax wireless alarm is available from 360 Protect!

How to organize housing protection

What are the revolutionary security systems Ajax. The system consists of a central module (hub) and wireless sensors. With the help of such integrated integrated systems, complete control of the building, prevention and immediate response to any emergencies. Systems can be divided into four main components:

  • protection of the perimeter of the site;
  • protection of building facades;
  • fire alarm;
  • security of premises.

Home security systems are able to work around the clock. Their work does not depend on external power sources. Once you have spent on the purchase of burglar alarm equipment, you no longer need to make any investments. But all the following years you can sleep peacefully, creating a safe shield for your home.

Installation of Ajax alarm system in Lviv

Special knowledge is required to effectively install ajax alarm. Because you need to take into account various factors. Our company carries out installation of the ajax alarm system in houses, shopping centers and offices, observing all requirements of safety protocols. To do this, our specialists make an accurate plan-drawing of the location and installation of sensors to cover as much as possible all possible areas of intruders on the object. Our specialists will select the necessary equipment based on the task, as well as your financial capabilities. We are not going to sell you additional expensive equipment, the installation of which will not make sense.

In order to install the alarm, you need to contact us in a way convenient for you. Specialists will visit your facility in Lviv for an inspection and get acquainted with the tasks. After approval of the estimate, we begin installation and start of Ajax alarm system. At the final stage, the employees of our company will check the correct operation of the sensors and adjust the equipment.

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