Your smart house with Ajax

Imagine that your house is able to turn on the lights in time when it is cold – heating, it blocks the water in case of an accident, can insure with a forgotten iron, warns of an open window, reports a fire, can scare away thieves or call the police.

Such things have long been fiction. But so far they were either expensive or could do one thing. For example, most smart home systems could not be connected to public or even private security. And all sorts of alarms are not very within the competence of a smart home. For the Smart House of Communication it was necessary to think over at a stage of construction or repair, differently it will be limited to a multicooker which is included according to the schedule.

The security system is even more complicated – motion sensors will be able to report that someone has visited while you are not at home, but everything else, such as calling the police, will have to do yourself.

After all, a professional certified alarm system is required for arming, and it has its own sensors, a reliable wired connection that cannot be broken and, as a result, again a lot of problems with the wires and their laying.

How to make your home smarter and safer today? If you’re interested in this topic, you’ve probably heard of AJAX wireless smart security systems.

AJAX Wireless Smart Home Security System

It all started as an alternative to cumbersome wired alarms, but eventually grew into something more. The company recently released new devices and upgraded the operating system for its hubs. AJAX now combines security equipment and a smart home into a single system.

New home automation features and devices that can implement them have appeared. Starting with sensors for all occasions: motion detector, breaking windows, smoke, carbon monoxide, water leaks, opening doors, windows and so on.

Finishing with smart sockets and all sorts of relays, to which you can connect almost any device: light, electric boiler, electric locks, electric cornices for curtains, solenoid valves for water and gas. In general, anything that allows imagination and finances.

In this way, you can adjust the heating of the house on schedule, simulate the presence during the holidays or the house’s response to emergencies. For example, in the event of a fire, you can de-energize the entire house, block the water if it leaks, and call security or the police if you try to break it.

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