CEE 2019 exhibition was held in Kiev

Consumer Electronics & Entertainment (CEE) 2019 is a large-scale exhibition of electronics, electrical engineering, games, entertainment, DIY (DIY), STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) technologies and electric transport in Ukraine. The exhibition was recently held in Kyiv, and was attended by more than a hundred world leaders.

A special large-scale demonstration of system integration products was organized. Participants got acquainted with modern solutions for unified communications, video surveillance, wireless communication, network security, video conferencing, cloud technologies, security and many other products based on workstations, servers and storage systems, active and passive network equipment, system and application software is supplied by ERC, a professional distribution company in Ukraine.

Thematic sections of the exhibition:

  • IT / Electrical Engineering
  • Transport / Electric transport
  • Home Appliances / Home Appliances
  • Toys / Products for children

Products and solutions from more than three dozen manufacturers – the world leaders in the system integration market – were presented at the stands of corporate IT-solutions CEE 2019.

Key facts:

  • The total cost of system integration demonstration equipment is up to $ 500,000.
  • The top 30 system integrators have demonstrated their best solutions.
  • More than 1,000 kg of demonstration equipment was brought;
  • 46 comprehensive enterprise solutions were demonstrated on an area of ​​600 square meters. m.

Industrial solutions: equipment for the construction of such systems as video surveillance with information on the basic criteria and parameters (fire, gas, movement, light spectrum, etc.), uninterrupted power supply, engineering control panel of the automated production system operator, safe was presented at the stand. Wi-Fi network, information security of all devices at the factory, a system of control of access of employees to the work area, protection of network and server equipment in difficult conditions. Also, it was demonstrated how an employee of such industry and the means of communication and communication should look.
Medical center: IP booths were presented at the booth, analyzing the number of patients in separate areas, access via biometric fingerprint reader and sound system, a sensor for monitoring oxygen levels in the wards, antibacterial accessories and a nurse / doctor / patient remote , a cisco conference system with the ability to remotely consult patients.
Cloud Office: The booth featured document-friendly solutions in the familiar Office application interface, as well as cloud-based e-mail, calendar and contacts to protect against viruses and spam. A one-stop-shop video conferencing solution has been demonstrated that will allow you to exchange messages, organize meetings, or make calls to anyone from anywhere at any time. A CRM system has also been demonstrated that offers capabilities and features that allow businesses to significantly increase sales.

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