Ajax MotionProtect wireless sensor

Ajax MotionProtect wireless sensor is designed to monitor human movement. Works as part of the Ajax security system.

Before installation, the sensor must be registered in the Ajax security system. To register the sensor, you must switch the Ajax security system receiver to “SENSOR REGISTRATION” mode (how to do this, see the Device Manual). At the moment of inclusion the serviceable sensor should blink the light-emitting diode!

The registration request is transmitted only when the sensor is turned on! If registration is not successful – turn off the sensor and after a pause of 5 seconds turn it on again. When the sensor LED flashes constantly once a second for a minute, then the sensor is not registered. In the same way, the LED flashes if the sensor is removed from the registered list. An unregistered sensor also flashes for 3 seconds each time it is triggered.
After successful registration of the sensor, select the optimal place for its installation.

Be sure to ensure a stable radio connection with the control panel or receiver at the selected sensor installation location! The maximum distance between the sensor and the control panel is 2000 m obtained during outdoor tests.

The quality and range of communication between the sensor and the receiving device may vary depending on the installation location, the presence of walls, partitions, floors, as well as their thickness and material. Passing through the interference, the signal loses some power.

Be sure to check the signal level! You can run the signal level test on the side of the receiving device. How to run the test is also described in the instructions for the receiving device.

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