Intelligent smarthome systems

digitalSTROM systems

The German-Swiss company digitalSTROM opens a new dimension of comfortable living. The main idea of the technology of a smart home digitalSTROM is to integrate all electrical appliances into a single network using the existing power line for automation and energy efficiency.


Miniature electronic devices that accept and execute commands from meter digitalSTROM. Clamps interact directly with a separate electrical appliance or switch. Form-factor – colorful cubes ‘lego’, where each color corresponds to separate parameters of various household systems: lighting, curtains control, heating and air conditioning, video surveillance, access control, audio, video and others. All these systems the digitalSTROM combines into a single network for monitoring, managing and resource-saving.


The software is built into the server, intuitive simple and easy to use. A fully equipped apartment can easily become a holistic flexible and comfortable ‘Smart Home’ system. It is possible to have full control of the system through a smartphone or tablet, thanks to the built-in web interface, as well as the digitalSTROM mobile app.


A device that sets and adjusts the parameters of the digitalSTROM system, as well as provides access to the Ethernet network or a global one. It allows control all devices remotely. It requires separate power supply. Thanks to the digitalSTROM technology, you not only monitor the energy consumption of all appliances, but also manage them at a distance and program operating algorithms daily.


A device that contains all the logic of work of the digitalSTROM system and sends control commands to each connected clamp on an electrical network. Many appliances of the household network the supply current of which does not exceed 16A can be programmed at the same time on one meter. Otherwise, the system needs to be equipped with one or more devices. It is mounted in a cabinet with a server and a filter. The latter serves to limit the scope of the commands of the digitalSTROM system.