Intelligent smarthome systems


The German company SimonsVoss is the undisputed leader in the technology of wireless digital locking and access control systems that meet the highest standards of comfort, security and design.


A digital locking cylinder with a built-in electronic unit is installed on the door with European locks. It receives radio signals from transponders and gives access.

Performs access control functions with up to 3000 access logging, time zone management, door monitoring.

An integrated battery provides power supply, designed for 300,000 closing cycles.

The cylinder can be operated autonomously, partially in the network or online.

Fireproof, weatherproof frame is made of stainless steel, brass, various profiles of different lengths.

High security level: VDS certificate; no wires, easy installation.


Smart pens

The digital door accessories combines the intelligent access control function and elegant, ergonomic design.

The smart pen interacts with identification means in the digital access control and locking systems without using a cable system, controls access to up to 64,000 users at a location and time.

It can be connected directly to the network and work online or be integrated into the SimonsVoss virtual network.

Quick and easy installation, without any additional drill in the door due to the method of attaching with a single screw.


The biometric wireless panel allows by means of a fingerprint to have access to all components of the system.

The wireless pin code keyboard  controls the components of the system by means of a radio signal when entering the correct digital code.

Digital Smart-relay serves as an access control reader or key-switch, transmits transponder data to external systems.

Programming transponder configures small systems without software.

The SMART CD programming device transmits the data to the digital components.

Smart-clip – an e-card holder with a built-in transponder.


The software is a unifying element for performing various tasks quickly and conveniently, such as the programming of transponders for new employees and information for the locking cylinder, the viewing of access on the territory protected by the network.

Small systems can be configured quickly and cheaply using a special software transponder for programming 3067.

For all other systems, the locksmith control software (LSM) is used, which is complicated by increasing requirements. Different systems correspond to license options from ‘Start’ to ‘Professional’ – a database based on a multi-user integrated reporting system.

The STARTER system

Simon Vos Starter – ‘all-in-one’ access control for small and medium-sized enterprises, characterized by  simpler software and the use of a cheaper, simpler USB programmer. The system is designed for projects up to 20 doors and up to 100 access holders.

Components: Digital Cylinder + Transponder + USB Programmer + Software Starter

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